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  • 2008 Left this one cooking all day prior to adding the fish. Reduced quite a bit and had to add some water back. Comes out on the thin side, like a a soup, but with a lot of flavor.
  • 2008 Needed a huge pot to cook all the fish. One we used wasn't big enough, mussels opened, but the clams didn't
  • 2008 Don't keep shellfish in plastic bags in the refrigerator, a batch of mussels were spoiled
  • 2009 Clams take a lot longer to open than the recipe suggests
  • 2009 New pot was big enough for full recipe, but shellfish had to come out to add the shrimp and cod

Egg Nog
  • Recipe appeared in the NY Times the day before Christmas Eve
  • Probably the best tasting drink ever, and the combination of spiced rum and brandy was perfect

Calamari Salad
  • 2008 Added octopus, which takes a long time to cook. 4-5lb octopus boils for 1.5-2 hours until tender. Ours was smaller and seemed a little overcooked. It reduces tremendously, there isn't much left of a 2 lb octopus. Clean after boiling.
  • 2008 Calamari cooks very quickly, 40 seconds in boiling water, immediately into an ice bath
  • 2008 Added shrimp brined in salt and sugar mixture. They were washed off, and placed on to a heated sheet pan in a 400 degree oven for 2 minutes, and then flipped. The pan was placed just under the heat, like a broiler.
  • 2008 dressing in the recipe was perfect, probably used less since there was more fish than expected, which was good
  • 2009 2 2lb octopus cooked (with a cork in the water) for just over an hour, until a fork could push into the base easily. Cooled in a strainer and then the fridge, and sliced the next day. much better consistency
  • 2009 add scungilli, washed, from 1 can

Seafood Risotto

Shrimp Marsala Housewife style
  • 2009 Maybe the best dish, everyone seemed to love the marsala sauce
  • 2009 couldn't find currents, used Zante Current, which we later found out is a small grape, so we basically used small raisins, but it didn't call for much

Three Cheese Stuffed Eggplant Rollitini

  • 2008 Salted and dehydrated the eggplant to remove the bitterness. They gave up a HUGE amount of liquid and never stopped giving up water. Went through a lot of paper towels
  • 2008 Recipe is missing the tomato sauce in the ingredient list. We made a quick marinara with fresh basil which worked very well
  • 2008 Cheese mixture was easily rolled
  • 2009 eggplant was salty, not enough salt was washed off

Bacala with capers and tomatoes
  • 2009 Spicy sauce, was pretty good

Broccoli Raab
  • 2009 Probably boiled too long, turned pretty mushy
  • 2009 put under running water after the boil before putting into the pan



Drink: campari and blood orange
Crab stuffed sole

grilled eel
eel with olives

seafood soup

Salt Cod Brandade
bacala with potatoes and olives (served hot)
bacala salad with potatoes and olives
bacala with capers and tomatoes

smoked salmon pizza

Seafood Risotto
make ahead risotto techniques:

Butterflied Baked Shrimp