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Hi, I'm James, aka - jbyers jbyers. I'm one of the founders of wikispaces and the lead developer.

I'm the organizer for the home and buffalowings : home spaces in addition to this one. From time to time I also edit pages across the site to help clean up formatting and apply helpful www : wikitext that authors might not know about.

As always, if you see something that bugs you (pun intended) about how wikispaces works, drop a note in www : bugs or www : feature requests. Wikispaces is yours, and we're committed to making it work for you.

I also maintain as well as a personal blog.

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    Q. How can I make a link open a new page? Also, how can I get something centered on the page?

    Q: I can't find the rss-feed address to include in my blogreader at Bloglines. Where can I find it?
    A: Click on "details >>" and "notify me" on a page's rss feed. For space-wide feeds, click on the link on the notify me page. - jbyers jbyers Feb 6, 2006

    Q: Why do you let anyone edit your pages? I don't understand.
    A: It's an easy way for people to let me know what's on their mind. I watch changes using RSS so I'm never really worried about abuse; if something goes wrong, I can just revert a page. - jbyers jbyers Dec 29, 2005